Refund Policy

The Company is committed to serve its members with an aim to achieve its organizational goal and for the welfare of its members, the Company has formulated the refund policy.

For hotel rooms booked under the Vacation purchase agreement, the right to cancel your hotel room booking, applicable cancellation charge and no-show charge are set out in the terms and conditions applicable to that specific hotel offer. The members will be at liberty to raise any issue of dissatisfaction, if any, within 10 days of availing yearly stay of 7 days and 6 nights per year. A proper inquiry of the dissatisfaction request as raised by the member will be made and if found satisfactory, the refund will be initiated subject to deduction of administrative charges, ASF and GST however the applicable cancellation policy of the concerned hotel and no-show charge will be shown on your booking confirmation and the members shall adhere with the concerned hotel terms and conditions.

It is pertinent to note that this Refund policy is applicable towards the benefits availed pursuant to the Vacation Purchase Agreement, subject to the aforesaid, however the same is not applicable for the consideration paid to the Company towards the Membership fees and the members are directed to adhere with the stated terms and conditions of the Vacation Purchase agreement.