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Do You Love Travelling 3 Star & Above Atleast Once A Year?

Get Best Price Everytime You Travel With Club 13Trips TAM (Travel Agency Membership) On Flights, Hotels, Cruises, Visa & Packages

13Trips Travel Membership

Book travel at agency price.


For Flights get access to special pre-purchase prices on maximum tourist destinations.


Amazing savings on stays, From luxurious rooms to seaside cottages, with an unrivalled range.


We are closely working with excursion owners for your continuous benefit. Counting is On…


Huge savings on booking your holiday packages with great support before or during the trip.

What’s Included With Your Membership?

We’re changing the way travel works

We charge a small subscription instead of marking up or taking commission on travel bookings. Meaning you get access to trade prices – which will usually be up to 35% cheaper than other major travelers. Plus we offer tailored make bespoke itineraries and offer a price guarantee should you find the same booking elsewhere for less we book for you from that source, for the Indians by the Indians passionate travel professionals from India.

Why become a member?


Book travel at trade prices No mark-up’s or commissions Save up to 35% on hotels, cruises, packages, best price for Flights and Visa services & if you compare as a whole you will save a lot in long run.


unexcelled choice, from India to the major Countries & majority of travel players. Savings served with every search No need to shop around every tom, dick and harry and later get into their trap.


The company is registered with the Government of India, and accredited by IATA (Most renowned Travel Association) Team of professionals with the qualification level upto Doctorate. No hidden fees. Get what you expect.

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Where can we help you save BIG on your travel?

Where we’re really strong:

Hotels, especially 4* and above Big name brands, Airlines special fares for Goa, Sri Nagar, Patna, Dubai, Bangkok & long haul sectors.

Where we don’t compete:

Flight-only Low cost airlines, group bookings, at times where there is pre purchase, cab bookings only.

Where we’re on par:

Budget hotels Small independent boutique hotels, sometimes at flights but if you compare in long term it would be definitely in your favor.

Who this is not for?

👉 Any budget traveler(s) Eg. – Train traveler with a preference of below 3star hotels, etc. are not a good fit for us.
👉 For Travel Agents booking for some one else

Where can we help you save BIG on your travel?

100+ travel families have joined already and subscribed to a membership.

Silver Solo

Good for Single traveler

₹ 5,999

Silver Family

Good for Family of 3 adults or 2Adts + 2 Children upto 12 yrs

₹ 9,999

Gold Solo

Good for Single traveler

₹ 12,999

Gold Family

Good for Family of 3 adults or 2Adts + 2 Children upto 12 yrs

₹ 19,999

Become a smart traveler and never pay full price for travel again.

What People Say About Us

We really enjoyed our stay with their plan and appreciate their team patience as we are very choosy when it comes to our travel away from home with family, but they did a wonderful job.

Chandan Kathuria

I recovered the cost of membership in my German Visa applications within a month afterward I took their services in Flight booking, hotel booking, euro rail & Excursions. As per me, I saved around 1 lac with their family membership.

Mr. Jagdish Singh

The best part I like is I do not need to negotiate now and can trust them so far, Team is helpful and supportive. Moreover, they rewarded me with a referral incentive which is best as many of my friends and relatives ask from where you book your travel services I used to give other agencies numbers earlier, but doesn’t receive a thank you message, but here I love the bonus for each of my referral to them. This motivates me to stay with them.

Smiti Dhingra

I had never thought of this membership can save my time and research which I used to spend on, Just TAM lo or travel karo with Club 13trips

Rupsha Kulkarni

How you save ?

On flights & hotels in current scenario you pay service charges/convenience fees from 500 to 5000 + gst per person/per room per night to other companies. with us you pay only net amount plus have access to pre purchase special fares.

On passport no service charges

On Visa only outsourced consolidator charges are 99 to 999 at the max. apart from embassy fees,

On cruise enjoy up to 50% discounts

On travel insurance enjoy up to 35% discounts

On packages in the current market scenario you pay up to 30% as a commission, service charges which you can save on.

(Frequently Asked Questions)


Unlike other travel agents – offline and online – we don’t add mark up’s to the rates we negotiate with our suppliers and any commision we get from suppliers we translate into a discount. We run our business on the money we make from membership subscriptions. This means the rates and fares we offer to our members are usually significantly cheaper than you will find elsewhere.

As a team we’ve worked in the travel industry for a long time. It’s an industry we love, but we don’t love the way it works. We are seeking to change that. Also, there is no denying the travel and leisure sectors need our support in order to recover from the crippling effects of the pandemic. We are committed to doing our bit in helping them. Lastly, we are certain that, like us, you are itching to get out into the world and start exploring again – at home and abroad.
Subsequently, we are taking a very different approach to how this business operates. We will make all our income from selling memberships and not from adding mark up or taking commission to the travel products we sell. To be successful in attracting and growing our membership it follows that our members must enjoy genuine benefit from their commitment to us. Our priorities are:
To provide a very broad range of travel products to all destinations for all dates to suit all interests (3star & above hotels, Flights, cruises, Visa, packages etc.)
To be able to offer the best rates in the market. Guaranteed through our Price Promise.
To focus on offering our members long term value from their relationship with us through personalised communication giving them access to the type of products and services that appeal to them the most.
To ensure members receive benefits 365 days a year, and not just when they want to go on holiday, through offering a broad range of lifestyle benefits such as cinema, theatre, dining, and golf discounts they can take advantage of all year round. As our membership grows, we will be able to negotiate and offer our members additional benefits adding even greater value to their membership
Lastly we believe in service and right eco system which was missing that is the reason people change travel agent every time they travel and travel agents runs after new customers, by following this system we have enough families to pay us our survival so our focus is to serve you with the best not where we get the commissions.
If you find a cheaper rate for exactly the same product or service (e.g. the same room type and meal plan, or same car type with identical package) on a public facing website (not another discounted members club/not any uncertified agency) please take a screen shot, and send that to us, as well as the web address at info@13trips.com. If you find it before booking we will match the price, or if you find it afterwards please send the email within 24hrs and we will either cancel and provide a refund if refund permits, or give you the difference back in Travel Credit – whichever you prefer. Please note that we will do this up to a maximum total of 9999 per booking. Due to the way airlines sell their products, we are unable to offer this price match guarantee on flights and package holidays that are sold by airlines.

Unlike traditional online travel agencies any commission given to us by suppliers is turned into a discount off the published prices. Furthermore, because we are a private members club suppliers often give us access to cheaper rates that aren’t available to public-facing websites. Also, we have the same if not more availability than all of the well-known online travel agencies, but at a lower cost as we won’t add a mark-up on the rates suppliers give us or take commission from the booking. This also means that even when suppliers/hotels increase pricing for high demand dates – we will still be able to offer some saving.

We have tied up with the Consolidators so we provide you the discounted travel trade price which they charge us & you enjoy the same services at just a nominal price rather the full one.

For every referral of yours will get 10% benefit and you also will get 10%. Now you have a option to use this credit to your bookings or next year membership cost. Incase your amount exceeded to INR 10000/- then you can claim the same after a gst adjustment of 18% which goes to the government or you can claim if you have gst number. It may take upto 30 days from the date of claim, please bear with us.

No, unlike some other subscription travel sites we work like a full-service travel agency offering a full range of travel products, rates and fares, and dates – including peak periods like school holidays, unlike some travel discount sites. You will find all the usual travel suppliers and brands with us also which you will find on any other online travel agency.

Traditional travel businesses make their money by adding as much as 40% commission to the rates they get from their suppliers. This is how they fund their business profitable and it would be incredibly challenging for them to change this fundamental operating model. We as a new startup always think beyond and favourable so this is the result of our Client’s feedbacks, suggestions and research. Moreover their business is transactional & ours focus is on service.

Absolutely. We need our members to feel secure in their decision to support us. To make that possible we have partnered with an established fulfilment business that is responsible for fulfilling the bookings you make with us. Through our partnership with them we offer our members the same IATA level satisfaction available through all the larger, more established travel providers.

We believe travel – in the India as well as abroad – offers fantastic opportunities to enrich our lives and improve understanding between nations. Although this is to be encouraged we of course take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We contribute towards society too so every penny you pay is been utilized to give you the best services at a better price, training, product development, employment generation, etc.

We remove the guesswork and the anxiety often experienced by travellers wondering whether they have got access to the best rates and fares or whether the travel options presented are just generating the largest commission for the travel agency. We are committed to remaining completely transparent in our trading offering our members access to the rates and fares we negotiate from our suppliers – without adding any commission or other markups. We believe this makes travel better.

We offer a wide range of travel services. As our membership grows so does our negotiating power and we intend to regularly add more benefits to ensure our members continue to get maximum value from their subscription.

Absolutely. The more members we have the more benefits and discounts we can negotiate. Members will receive 10% of the amount as credit awarded to their account for each new member they refer, but they need to use your registered mobile number in the reference column to get the benefit where as You get 10% too.

As of now we are purely B2C company so please excuse us.

You can refer them our membership or pay service charges for them so they pay little higher than you.

Currently we are focusing on making family travel efficient, you can leave your query with us and we shall connect you with other related company.


Yes. We really do think so. But we would say that, wouldn’t we? Seriously, we are so confident in the savings that we deliver to our members we estimate that they will recover 5 times more than the cost of their annual subscription by booking only one or two trips. On top of that there are great savings to be had on on domestic trips/hotels etc. so really does make sense.

The minimum term of membership is one year, incase you happen to not to take any service or assistance through out the year, then you can enjoy the same benefits in the next year.

We want our members to benefit from their membership (and tell their friends about us), so if you happen to not to take any service or travel due to any reason you can just write a email from your registered id at info@13trips.com.

You’ll receive an email 30 days before your membership is due to expire giving you the opportunity to renew your membership

Yes you can by paying the difference amount.

As a member you can use your benefits as per the plan so if it is activated for you then you or your registered family members can only travel.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Autem dolore, alias, numquam enim ab voluptate id quam harum ducimus cupiditate similique quisquam et deserunt, recusandae.

Your Mobile number would be used a s membership number.

Yes incase you wish to gift or transfer to someone else, by paying 20% of the membership amount you can easily transfer for the rest of the period.